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    How it Works

    The SharpWorx Master knife sharpener guides the knife at the perfect angle along the stone. It copies the freehand sharpening method which chefs use to get razor sharp knives. The system is made up of these components which combined make the perfect sharpening system. 

    • Water stone: The water stone is a 400/1000 (coarse/fine) grit stone. The coarse side forms the edge. The fine side polishes the edge.
    • Base: The base holds the stone securely in place and keeps the stone soaking in water.
    • Magnetic Holder: The magnetic holder holds the knife securely at the perfect sharpening angle.
    • Rods and Pivots: Keep the knife at the perfect angle through the entire stroke while allowing naturally movement that copies that of freehand sharpening. 
    • Strop: Puts the final edge on the knife making sharp enough to cut even the finest of fibers. 


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