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    SharpWorx Professional

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    SharpWorx Professional

     Sharpen like the most experienced free-hand knife sharpening experts. This sharpener copies the movement of freehand sharpening while maintaining the perfect angle for the user.

    This sharpener can be used with any stone size up to 10inches.  Stones can be purchased separately.

    The standard knife holder can be swapped out for Magnetic Knife Holder. The magnetic knife holder uses two N52 neodymium rare earth magnets to securely hold your knife in place. This removes the need for clamp and speeds up the setup process.

    This sharpener copies the movement of freehand sharpening while maintaining the perfect angle for the user. This sharpener can be used with any stone size up to 10inches long.  Stones can be purchased separately.

    The first release of the aluminum version was released in January. Customers who bought the sharpener have been very pleased with it.

    This product includes the following:

    • SharpWorx Professional sharpening system, which also includes:
    • Magnetic knife holder with and adjustable angle from 0-30deg and adjustable spine support
    • Clamp holder that has a range of 0-30deg. At lower angles the clamp will hit the stone and cannot reach 0deg; the lowest angle depends on the size of knife.
    • Knife holder rod and pivot that uses dual thrust bearings for ultimate smoothness and rigidity.
    • Rod pivot with bubble level
    • And embedded ball bearings
    • Stone holder with rubber base that holds stones up to 10inches, 254mm.
    • Reusable mailer box
    • Stones are not included


    • The precision machined aluminum has a frosted black anodization protecting the device allowing it to have a long life
    • Needle roller bearing on the knife holder pivot makes the rotation smooth and tight. The smoothness is reenforced with a roller ball bearing on top of it that makes it extra smooth.
    • A roller ball bearing is used in the pivot at the horizontal and vertical bar making that a smooth, but tight pivoting action
    • Igus Polymer bearings are used for all linear motion locations which reduce friction and wear while allowing them to get water or oil exposure without damage
    • The Magnetic holder has an adjustable plate that sits on the spine of the knife allowing for adjustment for small and large knives.
    • The magnetic and clamp holder can be adjusted from 0-25°. The clamp holder has a smaller range for smaller knives due to the clamp hitting the stone at shallower angles.

    Sharpening Process:

    1. Install any stone.
    2. Set the angle on the sharpener, 0°-25° Angle
    3. Level the horizontal rod with the bubble level.
    4. Clamp the knife
    5. Sharpen

    This product is currently being manufactured. It is expected to be ready in May 2023 for shipment. There is a risk the shipment date could be moved out if the manufacturer cannot deliver on time.


    • Hardened surgical steel rods
    • Components do not rust
    • Water compatible
    • Machined aluminum components
    • N52 magnets

    Magnetic holder

    • N52 magnet
    • Adjustable spine support
    • Sharpen large and small knives
    • 40A Textured Rubber pad
    • 0-30° Angle
    • Dual side angle reading
    • Infinity magnet/Zero Offset magnet- Magnet goes to edge to more securely hold the knife

    Clamp Holder

    • Axisymmetric holder
    • Flip-able holder
    • Rigidly secure your knife

    Stone holder

    • Any size stone – Pick any stone from 1” to 10”
    • Wide traction feet hold the stone in place
    • Textured thumb screws make it easy to adjust
    • Stone support holds the stone up and prevents cracking

    Bubble level

    • Set up the device with clear guidance on correct setup


    • Roller thrust bearings keep the pivots rigid but smooth
    • Linear bushings allow smooth linear movement with minimal movement
    • Sharpen freehand with a guide
    • Keeps the angle perfect through the entire stroke
    • Copy the sharpening method of professional chefs without the experience
    • Ergonomic motion
    • Merging guided sharpeners with freehand sharpening


    • Fits in knife drawers
    • Collapsible

    If you are interested in a plastic version of the sharpener, please contact me at

     No stone is included. 

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