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SharpWorx Master

SharpWorx Master

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Sharpen your knives with professional precision using our innovative design

  • Easy to setup
  • Uses a magnetic holder 
  • Holds your knife at the perfect universal angle of 20°
  • Teaches you how to freehand sharpen like a pro
  • Wide base for stability
Beautiful design that stands out in any kitchen

Perfect Angle: The knife is held at 20° a great universal angle for kitchen knives and field knives. See our optional  adjustable angle knife holder that adjusts from 0-30degrees.

  • Magnetic Holder with Rubber Pad: Using an N52 neodymium rare earth magnet the knife is firmly held in place as it is sharpened. The rubber pad covering the magnet prevents the knife from being marked and makes for an extra firm grip. 

  • Wide Base: The wide base makes the sharpener stable while in use. While stroking the knife across the stone there won’t be any movement that would damage the knife.
Wide traction base
  • Dual Grit Stones: The included dual grit stone forms the edge on the coarse side and polishes the edge on the smooth side. The sharpener uses 180 mm x 60mm stones.
  • Traction Pads: With five traction pads across the base, it has a sturdy grip on the countertop or surface it is sitting on.
  • Pivoting holder: The pivoting knife holder allows for the knife to be moved in multiple directions and allows for the tip of the knife to be sharpened perfectly.
Pivoting knife holder
  • Small knife holder: Install the small knife holder for smaller knives such as paring knives that don’t require as much surface area to grip.
Small knife holder
  • Simple Storage: Disassemble the sharpener for storage in a small place or keep in the box.
Easy storage of the sharpener
  • Upgradable Stones:  Additional stones with finer grits can also be used in the sharpener to get an even sharper knife.Diamond sharpening stone
  • Sharpen knife from heel to tip using the pivoting holder to move knives in multiple directions. 
Natural Freehand Sharpening

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