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SharpWorx Utility Sharpener

SharpWorx Utility Sharpener

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Stone Configuration

This is an original design for a knife sharpener. This innovative design keeps your blade angle perfect while sharpening. There is also no set up time, there is no clamping the blade, instantly the blade can be sharpened.

The sharpener is being manufactured and will ship in the beginning of a June  2023.

The sharpener keeps a perfect angle using a sliding mechanism to guide the blade along the stone. A coarse stone is provided for forming the edge, a fine stone for polishing the edge, and the leather strop finishes the edge making it sharp enough to shave with. The angle is adjustable with a built in goniometer (precise angle adjustment) for angles from 10° to 40°.

As you sharpen the magnets under the angle keep the blade secured tightly against the angle and an optional gate prevents the knife from sliding forward.

After sharpening, the blade can easily slice through vegetables, paper, and wood with ease.

Get yours today by picking from the options below: 

Purchasing options:

  1. Full Package:  Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit), Leather Strop + Compound
  2. Stones Only: Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit)
  3. No Stone (You need to have your own 180mm x 60mm x 8mm Stone)

You will receive (depending on option selected):

  • Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit)
  • Strop with green compound(optional)
  • Sharpening fixture with slide (standard)
  • Reusable cardboard box for storage (standard)

Other Highlights:

  • Adjustable Angle (10° to 40°)
  • The slide moves along the stone with zero contact which will make it last for years.
  • Can be used on any non-serrated knifes.
  • Designed and made in Bellaire, TX USA
  • Extremely fast to use
  • Handsome design that can sit on a desk
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